face great trouble

1.       People have to face great trouble which live near the point of disturbance. Those which are on great disturbances do not have to face the huge loss. We can say that greater the distance from point of disturbance lesser will be losses.

throw stone

 If we throw stone in a pond of still water, series of waves are produced on the surface of water, these waves spread out in all directions from the point where the stone strikes the water and waves formed in outward direction. Similarly, any sudden disturbances in the earth’s crust may produce vibration because of environmental variation in the crust which travel in all direction from point of disturbances and effects the whole population in that area.

This confidence

This confidence make the people able to speak in the large crowed to deliver their messages according to their will powers. We can say that team work is cause of confidence and enhance confidence in the result of successful life of individuals in the society.